Linux Host – Automation Vs Generating new Jobs

( ) – The companies need talented employees to manage and thrive the business and are invaluable assets. They make the technology worthy of executing it to drive sales and growth.
A lot of people don’t agree on the excessive use of technology just to slash cost.
Mahatma Gandhiji said: “Dead machinery must not be pitted against the millions of living machines represented by the villagers scattered in the seven hundred thousand villages of India. Machinery to be used well has to help and ease human effort.”
But, as the competition is increasing day by day, the companies are leveraging more on new IT resources to automate and delegate.
Hi Friends, if you can provide your valuable feedback or discuss the needs of new business, to remain up-to-date, actionable and comprehensive. A coin has two side “One where is humanity and other where technology wants to lead humanity.”

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