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( ) – Why so much unemployment, when it is easy, cheap and fast to open a new business. Most of the educational institutes create student focus towards services and not being an entrepreneur. That could be one of the possible reasons. The other reason could be lack of ideas, knowledge or dare to do the things. For most searching, a job is again a job for them. But, to what extent of time, why not to be an entrepreneur and work where the interest lies. In today’s online business scenario, a lot of web-based tools, software and gadgets are available with a lot of tutorials, knowledgebase. Just your one step towards being an entrepreneur can slash this long queue of unemployment. You don’t need big money to start. The business begins with your interest, proliferate idea, strategy, best tool and of course a bank account. Just be sitting idle and waiting for a job wouldn’t work. Start working on plan, network and imagine how much it can alter your life.

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