Linux Host – Online Business Model

( ) – The businesses of developing countries have also adopted ‘Online Business Model’ for high-performance, quality and customer service. Even, the non-tech-savvy companies, have websites which helped in increasing their ROI, boosting productivity and thus maximizing revenues. No business wants to lag behind in this highly-competitive customer-focused market.
The online business has led to the emergence of a new business community of Resellers, Affiliates, Partners, and Logistics. The customer not concerned whether the product is coming directly from original producer or server provider, they go with a vendor offering maximum discounts and benefits. And when we review hosting industry, we find thousands of websites providing hosting and related services. The parent company conceals its name, and only Resellers and Partners brand name are available everywhere. This new business layer has helped to slash cost, improved efficiency and incorporating best practices and latest high-end innovatio

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