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( ) – Most of the websites are Content Farms. They contain everything from articles, news, blog posting, opinions, and muddy content, just to have content for every keyword related to the industry. I don’t think; they might be getting the targeted traffic, the business website should talk only about its business. Attracting the mass traffic doesn’t help, it just increases the bounce rate. Moreover, by putting everything, the business website might be diluting its relevant content. Some might find it fascinating to have everything as it attracts traffic, but that stays only for a short time. For a long run, probably traffic would drive away from the website and also, there is fear of penalization from search engines. A business website pages may contain information about its services or products up to a certain limit, enough for visitors to know. For details, separate sub-domains should be created. It would segment visitors, those who wish to know more, might visit the sub-domains and return

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