Truth and Myths of Cloud Server

Cloud Server is a very common term used in a context of web hosting. But some people are confused about several things of this server. Unfortunately, reality or we can say fact is different from what they think or heard.
So, here this article may help you understand cloud server in a more better way by distinguishing between its facts and myths. But before this, see some of the major benefits of a cloud server.
1. Benefits of cloud
  • Flexibility & Scalability: It is quite flexible and scalable. If ensures that if more resources are required, they can be scalable or available in a user-friendly manner by just log in by the users in automated control panel without any downtime. It allows any upgrade instantaneously, and 5GB of RAM can be easily added within just a few minutes.
  • Reliability: A cloud server is much reliable. When there is a hardware failure or lack of resources on a cloud server, resources are allocated to a cloud server on an immediate basis without any requirement of downtime. With this, the loss incurred is also compensated by other servers instantaneously.
  • User-friendly Setup: Cloud server, a virtual machine is quite easy to set up as it takes only a few minutes to provisioned.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: If compared to other servers, a cloud server is quite cheaper. For the same cost of a dedicated server, it offers five times more power of CPU. Resources of CPU allocated to cloud server are more powerful than others.
Truth over Myths
Now see some of the facts and Myths of Cloud server.
Myth: A Cloud is a vogue.
Fact: Cloud is a new term which derives from the word “Cloud Computing”. If we understand the Internet in technical terms, it means cloud. And you all know the Internet is not new for us. Cloud computing is used since late nighties.
Myth: Cloud is unsafe and insecure.
Fact: If cloud providers use low-end cloud computing software, there are possibilities that all the clouds are not secure. As the public cloud is a multi-tenant thus, it shows that it is on the same network like other users. If any abuse is present on a network, it results in making cloud server unsafe and insecure. It all depends on those who are offering their services for hosting your cloud. Thus, safety and security both are enough in the cloud, even in huge cloud hosting environments. Cloud computing becomes more safe and secure because of technology available today.
Myth: A cloud is very complicated.
Fact: Cloud Servers are not much complicated or complex than other servers. It is quite easy to set up a cloud server as it can be provisioned online on control panel within just a few minutes. All will be handled by a portal, and once it is setup, your account information will be received by you.
Myth: To use Cloud hosting, my code will be rewritten by me.
Fact: A platform built by some of the cloud hosting providers is involved, or you can say complicated and to understand the same, a user is required to modify or rewrite the code so that they can function on a cloud in an efficient manner. Cloud is same as a dedicated server which permits you to upload the code and website in a simple and user-friendly manner as you upload them to other hosting services.
I hope after reading this article, your doubts regarding cloud servers are cleared, and some of the facts are known to you.

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