Enhance Your Business by Social Media

Social media plays a significant role, if added to your business websites, it may help you to reach a maximum number of customers and prospects.
A maximum number of people are using social media sites to know about any product or service, their promotions, read customer reviews, for seeking customer service and voicing opinions. Thus, to advertise and market your product or service and overall to lead your business, social media becomes a necessity for your online business.
Even some of the large enterprises have integrated the two and using a combination of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Six ways to integrate social media into your website
Here present you six ways by which social media incorporated into your site in a user-friendly and straightforward manner:
  1. Allow Social Logins to Make It Easier to Connect With You: Now users can reach to you quickly by using their social logins, instead of login set by your company. It is an easy way of connecting with your customers, as to login via twitter or facebook account is quite simple as compared to login via co-site which requires completion of lengthy registration process, results in an increase in the rate of conversion for registration of users.
  2. Let Customers Know What Social Media Sites You're On: The first way is to let your customers know which social networks you are using. Social networks are also using by people for sharing their products or services information or customer reviews. People can easily connect with you via these networks. Now where these social media icons placed, so a good thumb rule says, more your social media icons or buttons are clearly visible, more people will communicate to you. A good place to put “Follow” icons on the header/ footer of your site on its every web page. And most important, asked them to click on an icon, if you said, they are more inclined to it.
  3. Make Content Shareable: If people likes something on your site, especially your content, then they must be able to share it. A good practice is to put social sharing icons or buttons on the right of your item picture and thus allows your customers to share them instantly.
  4. Make Your Web Design Social Media Friendly: Your site design, from code to commerce must be social media friendly. It must be designed in such a way that it can be complemented by social media experience of a user. For instance, implementing Twitter cards on your site is one of a good way to which your site presentation may be controlled on social networks.
  5. Embed YouTube Videos When Appropriate: If you have some good quality videos on Youtube, it may help your organization to rank higher in SEO. So, when people try to search, you comes first which increases a rate of conversion. All I need to say, there is no use of creating a website if social media is not integrated into your website.
  6. Incorporate Facebook Reviews Into Your Website: To increase a rate of conversion on your site, you need to incorporate Facebook reviews into your website.
Testimonials tab is created on Facebook by which customers are asked to share their feedback with us. Companies which have used this, said results are much better than their expectations. Some of them received 100-200 testimonials within two or three months.
The only issue is that some of them are negative comments. But not an issue, it helps a company to improve their customer service which results in more sales and thus more profit.

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