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A community-based app is an app created for a very specific audience within a selected location. Functions of these apps are to bring local news and information to the community. These apps allow a community to respond over local happenings. The main idea of this app is to persuade social communication and sharing of local information. The community-based app has a forum based style which allows communication to take place along with social network links. Therefore, it will support the app to be active as an app and as well as a social networking tool.
GoDaddy has introduced community-based app Flare:
Godaddy is one of the most popular hosting providers in the industry. Their primary purpose is fundamental to shift the global economy towards small enterprises by allowing a consumer to start, rapidly grow and efficiently run their ventures quickly. GoDaddy offers tools, create a beautiful online presence, manage a business and attract online customers for small business owners.
Recently, world’s most popular technology provider GoDaddy has introduced Flare, their first community-based app that creates new business ideas to life. Flare gives power to consumers to share ideas and acquire guidance from friends, experts, and entrepreneurs in a collaborative way. Through Flare, people get quick resource drive new concepts and receive feedback or forward ideas.
A Recent survey conducted by GoDaddy, which shows 67% of respondent reported having come up with an idea for service, business or product but 15% followed it. Next, 30% didn’t know what to do, and 15% are in fear or self-doubt. Flare has created to fulfill the need for a community where consumers get independent feedback on ideas and connect with others to support them to create those ideas into something meaningful. Flare is the top place for the people to take next step.
Flare enables people to become advisors. It offers an opportunity to share knowledge in a well-disciplined way with others seeking advice. Through this concept, advisors play an active role in its development journey. Followers can provide a valuable signal to an entrepreneur about marketability and demand of their new service and product.
Flare signifies recent example of GoDaddy’s ongoing commitment to create modern technologies and products designed to empower entrepreneurs.
Core Features of Flare:
Extend ideas by sharing them via social media
Easy to use and elegant interface reminiscent of social media feeds
Discover nearby ideas
Quickly provide feedback by swiping left or right to dismiss or reminded of an idea
Determine the interest of your followers in being future consumer via pledging
Rapidly poll members for directional feedback related to feasibility, pricing, desirability among other things
Check all your fans across all ideas and expertise
How Flare Works:
Customers can follow the progress of an idea as per their choice and play a meaningful role in helping to shape success as an advisor. Users can also promise to be a future customer that allows your fellow entrepreneurs a strong signal regarding demand and marketability. This app contains a list of three ideas which users can either swipe left or right to ignore or indicate their interest in.
Moreover, this app will tell you what business ideas were submitted from entrepreneurs, mainly useful for mortar based and brick ideas. It also verifies customer to give them authority, so that company anticipates enhancing the chances that small-time business owners may get feedback from CEOs and other known business people.

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