Choose Best Dedicated Hosting provider

Dedicated hosting is where a server has only one customer on it, and he controls all controls of the server.However, what is this in actual?
The dedicated hosting provides much greater flexibility than a virtual server, but the customer must tackle the burden of administration or outsourced to a dedicated hosting provider.
We get much higher control with dedicated hosting as we do not share the server with anyone else. No longer will the volume of another site on the server impact us.
Dedicated hosting also allows us to add any application onto the server that we need, so we are no longer limited to just the standard email and other essential applications found on a virtual server.
Dedicated hosting provides much greater reliability than virtual hosting. We no longer are exposed to the business practices of other companies sharing a virtual server. Plus we can ensure that security and upgrades implemented since we control server administration with dedicated hosting.
Engineering support is also vastly improved with dedicated hosting. We still need to select a qualified provider that has excellent technical skills, but with dedicated hosting, the support engineer to customer ratio is much more attractive.
These are some good questions to ask a dedicated hosting provider before sign up:-
  • What brand computers do you use?
  • If something breaks, do you have spare parts to fix it immediately?
  • What kind of maintenance plan do you have with your hardware provider?
  • What are the hardware specs you have available (CPU speed, drive size, memory, etc.)?
  • What kind of connection to the Internet do you have?
  • What management methods are available for me to administer my server?
  • What kind of backup options do you offer to save my data?

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