Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated web hosting the whole server is entirely rented for your website. It is just like your server but for less cost. There is no need to share server resources with other web pages if you choose dedicated hosting.
The requirement for Dedicated web hosting in cases like:
  • When you plan to start your business site.
  • When high performance is needed.
  • Your web pages include complex software as a database.
  • Your hosting requirement such as disk space, bandwidth transfer, and support level are high.
  • Your website visitors are constantly growing.
Dedicated Hosting Types

Cpwebhosting provides two types of dedicated hosting. First is Unmanaged dedicated hosting and Second is Managed dedicated web hosting. The unmanaged dedicated server provides you web pages with basic features, server, hardware, and software and internet connection. Moreover, Managed dedicated server includes all the features needed for web pages maintenance so that you have to worry about your site content only. Managed dedicated server is more expensive than an unmanaged dedicated server.

The followings things have to be considered while selecting dedicated hosting:
Hardware option
Disk space and bandwidth available
Technical support level
Data back-up aims to assist you in providing the most reliable and professional dedicated hosting services with a stable support, best operations of sophisticated and network stability.

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