Fatcow Linux Hosting

With a different name and various features, Fatcow shines in the Linux hosting vast and recommended industry. Fatcow was born in 1998 with a highly dedicated and reliable group of individuals. They are highly motivated and highly devoted towards the small business user’s hosting needs.
Fatcow obliged them with their one plan one price philosophy, and they did revolutionary change in small business user’s hosting needs through their MiniMoo plan. In their MiniMoo plan, they provide one domain name and one email id for an establishment of the firm. In this scheme, a user can develop their website through Weebly or other free tools.
They also focused over the mentality of their targeted user’s thus they make their plans easy to own, easy to use and importantly with industry value. They highly devoted towards the best user experience and best consumer service behavior. Through which their customers are highly satisfied with their services and happy to adopt them.
As their main focus is too small and medium sized business user’s, thus they provide shared hosting plans through which user can share their hosting space with someone else and pay for that little piece of space only. This is economical and professional as well.
Fatcow is a reputed name in Linux hosting industry and has enough experience in this field thus it follow all the necessary and essential steps and provides all the essential or mandatory features to their customers but with them, it also deals with some other features like:
  • Domain registration and services
  • Account Management
  • Email Management
  • E-Commerce Services
  • Referral Programs
  • Scripting
  • Dedicated Server
Through such extreme services, Fatcow not remains as only a Linux hosting service provider at all, but because of its extra services, it is counted as the complete solution provider from a beginning of domain registration to the end of hosting and maintenance for the small business users.

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