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iPage.com focus on three things that customers care about: their websites, online security and email. They have been hosting social, business, non-profit and personal websites for more than a decade. iPage knows typical hosting customer and web hosting, which comes to conclusion there is NO typical hosting customer. That is why iPage offers a great deal of control and flexibility, without confusing and complicating things.

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Website creation: To give customers freedom for creating online presence that reflects their brand or personality, iPage support all of them. From software to online site builders — such as Dreamweaver or Expressions — to writing own code with HTML, to blogging applications customer will have right to use and support to create a grand website. iPage performs extensive throughput testing to ensure mail is sent and received rapidly, and spam filters are efficient.

iPage as Energy Efficient company, taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint by purchasing enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), to offset energy use by 200%! That means: Data centers, servers and offices supporting customer’s website are completely powered by wind energy. Customers Website is qualified for iPage Green Certificate, incorporated with the iPage Green Badge

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