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DreamHost provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to 1.5 million sites, blogs and applications, and supports over 400,000 content creators, web designers, small businesses, entrepreneurs and developers with the power of Open Web. DreamHost built on open-source technology with commitment to customer success.

DreamHost has Over 400,000 customers. Since 1997, customer count has grown, spanning throughout 100+ countries. DreamHost proudly hosts over 1.5 million websites, applications and WordPress blogs. Award-winning in-house support staff is available all day, every day, via email, live chat and Twitter.


DreamHost is an OpenStack Foundation Gold Member, supplying code, financial backing, and leadership. Home to over 750,000 WordPress installations, and a helpful staff full of professional WordPress experts. The powerful open source software, created in the DreamHost labs, helping power cloud services.

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DreamHost is carbon neutral. Credits DreamHost use to green energy consumption and neutralize the rest of emissions meet the highest standards in the industry.

SiteGeek Analysis shows Dreamhost has 73.33% positive user sentiment, based on customer review / conversations and social media content. It’s actual time snapshot of customer’s opinion of hosting company and makes sure hosting company is meeting user needs and communicate quality service.

Analysis by SiteGeek depict that 36 new domains were registered with Dreamhost and 24 domains was transferred to Dreamhost from other web hosts. The Analysis also shows 18 domain was transferred away from Dreamhost.

Up Time % is the amount of time websites hosted by the hosting company are available for users or visitors. SiteGeek analysis shows 99.9% uptime last week for Dreamhost. Dreamhost time and again consistent high up-time percentages close to 100%, means sites hosted by Dreamhost are available 24/7 or extremely close to 24/7.

Dreamhost hosted site count for .com, .net, .org and .info is 916312. It is significant to ensure a hosting company can handle the magnitude of sites it hosts on its servers. Quantity does not essentially reflect quality.

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