Web Hosts with Zero Downtime

You can visit all the web host`s pages and see all their promises, however it is hard to find a webhost these days that doesn`t have at least a little `bit of downtime. However, this is what we have done for you. Here is a list of web hosts who (by our records) had 100% uptime last month:

  • Webhost1 : A Russia Web Host with tons of Hosting Plans
  • Hosting2go : Fantastic Hosting in the Netherlands
  • Sitesell : A unique web hosting company that gives you WordPress powered hosting and all the tools you could need.
  • Hoststar : If you need European hosting, Hoststar is a great choice with datacenters in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
  • B Smart Hosting : Another European web host is is currently offering starter hosting plans as cheap as 1 Euro per month.

Uptime is only one of the 100 points of data SiteGeek collects in our data reports about each and every web host out there.
I am not saying these web hosts will never go down – however it is really impressive to be able to boast to the world that your company had zero downtime for an entire month. One of the most important factors to look for when it comes to shopping for web hosting is reliablity. If you can keep your servers up for a month or more at a time, you are doing a great job for your web hosting clients.

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