Handling Big Data

No Worries with Real Time Processing of Big Unstructured Historic Data with the Data Analysts of Ananova.

Large Data

Most of the companies worry about managing their large data, as companies are now employing more efforts to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the market trends. Their efforts are not only confined to understand marked, know their customers but they are going beyond that. For that, they have employed huge marketing teams to gather a lot of data, which they are storing, managing and planning to reach some deciding goals.

Data Ware House Personnel's do face new challenges daily with the security of critical data. Data is the base of any company, to protect it, companies employ infrastructure and IT leaders.  When we think about the big terabytes of data and its analysis, a huge picture comes to our mind as the concept is about space and time.

There are companies which do offer big data to the public, a significant constraint in front of them is whether the existing conventional database systems of MySQL is capable of processing them and moves fast to the client end from the server.
Most of the Hosting companies do offer Unlimited MySQL databases, but most of the CEO's of companies do worry, what if they are exceeding what they can do with technology?

Experts View on Big Data

According to the experts, IT companies from the last couple of decades have been successfully processing large volumes of data without any hassle. The principles learned are applied today also.

The market doesn't stop for any company, and they  keep on acquiring new data, and it has become the focus of debate what to find out from that data, then only the choice of choosing the infrastructure comes.

Real Time Processing of Data

When the companies are providing the data online, there is always need to process it in real time. There could be leisure available at the date of aggregating, analyzing data, but when it is a matter of online data, it must respond very quickly.

What are the technologies these social media sites like Twitter or Facebook are applying, how they are managing the comments, videos fast? Are they using the same MySQL relational database technology to manage all the stuff?

In technical terms, one can say that on Twitter and Facebook, it is all raw feeds, hopefully, someday, they will take some pain to add some structure to it.

Is there any system available which can convert this unstructured data into a format which works fine, in a cost-effective manner?

How much investment, do the companies may put while dealing with this unstructured data?

Big Technology Suppliers in the Market

You might be already using the technology provided by one of these big shots:
  • Oracle: Offers MySQL database, which it acquired from Sun Microsystems, one of big data player.
  • IBM: Offers a broad range of infrastructure products and integration services.
  • Microsoft: provides SQL Server and also have partnerships to provide bolt-on Hadoop.
  • Greenplum: One of the fastest growing company in the data world.
  • SAP: Owner of SYBASE and creator of HANA, in-memory relational database, with cache built on top.
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