VBScript Objects

In Microsoft's colorful terminology, each entity you see on the browser's window is an object.
Objects "expose" some of their properties, which enables you to manipulate them. Some of these properties represent objects themselves, which expose their properties.

The document object represents the HTML document displayed on the browser's window or one of its frames.
Its properties and methods you can manipulate the appearance or even the contents of the document.

Window Object

The window object is the top level object in this hierarchy and acts as a container for all other objects.
This object is the browser's window you see on-screen; moreover, every parameter of the window you can adjust through VBScript code is a property of the window object.

A window can also contain frames, which you can access through the frames object.
The frames object is an array of objects, the first frames(0), the second one frames(1), and so on.

Location Object

The location object is a property of the document object, which enables you to manipulate the URL of the document displayed in the window.

One property the location object provides is called href, and is the URL of the document displayed. It is the URL displayed in Internet Explorer's Address box.

The Parent property returns the name of the parent window, which contains the specific window.
The parent property of the window object is an object itself, and through its properties, you can adjust the appearance of the parent window.

Self Object

self is a window object that represents the current window, but, although mentioned in Microsoft's documentation, it's not yet supported by Internet Explorer 3.0.
This property operates similarly to the parent and opener properties, in the sense that it returns a window object, and not the name of the window.

History Object

A history object is an invisible object that provides methods for navigating through the document's history.
It provides the functionality of the browser's navigational buttons, with the added benefit that you can access this feature through programming.



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