DreamHost Gives DreamObjects

(EINPresswire.com, LOS ANGELES, CA, Dec 8, 2016) DreamHost Gives DreamObjects, its Inexpensive, scalable Object Storage Service powered by the latest version of Ceph Jewel. The capacity of DreamObjects clusters has boosted by 7%, needed for its data center expansion to meet storage demand.
It offers customers with increased cluster capacity and support for new features. For new customers 30 days trial period is available.
DreamObjects Powered by Ceph
Customers use DreamObjects to build cloud-ready applications and to store documents, photos, songs and backup taking advantage of its Amazon S3 API compatibility. Now, an AWS4 authentication protocol is supported, providing additional security and compatibility when interfacing with Amazon S3.
The latest version enables to be even more scalable, reliable, and high performing. It serves as a building block for the DreamObjects multi-site feature, which has been almost entirely re-architected and rewritten to now support any number of

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