Graphics for Web Development

Graphics in Web pages are what has made the Internet popular. Before the Web and its graphically rich HTML, the Internet was useful mostly for its newsgroups and Gopher database.

Graphics have put a face on the Internet, and the graphics you put into your Web pages should receive careful consideration.

GIF is the world's most popular graphics types on the internet.CompuServe designed the Graphics Interchange Format. It is able to use only 256 colors.

That's why it is usually reserved for certain items on the page, such as logos and icons.
In addition to JPEG and GIF, a new standard file format has been created for the Web: the Portable Graphics Network{PNG} format. PNG was created when questions arose about whether GIF was legally usable in the public domain or whether CompuServe had retained rights to the format.

Even though CompuServe has said that GIF is usable on the Internet, the development and adoption of PNG has gone forward. PNG promises to add JPEG-like compression capabilities to GIF-like files.
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