Flash in Web development

ActionScript 2.0, a scripting programming language more suited to the development of Flash applications. Compared to other plug-ins such as Java, Acrobat Reader, QuickTime or Windows Media Player, the Flash Player has a small install size, quick download time, and fast initialization time.

Flash 4 will allow you to set any bitmap (jpegs become bitmaps when imported into Flash 4) color for transparency. This technique is covered in the Flash 4 users manual that works well, but you must first convert the jpeg into a symbol. So you actually set the transparent color range on the symbol and the actual jpeg stays the same as when imported. It is easy and tries it.

You have to make the tween longer and the framerate faster
then it is much smoother. Also mind one thing it is a vector-based graphics program, which allows for such files of small size, but reduces the capabilities of showing real-life images. As a result, jpg image support seems to be a bit lacking.

Publish the Flash movie to an HTML document. Open the HTML document and edit it with notepad. Copy the code that Flash generates (from the first embed tag to the last). Open FrontPage, click the HTML tab so you can see all of the code, and paste the flash generated code into the HTML document that you want the movie to appear on. (In the body tag)

When you go to publish the page, make sure the .swf file is in the same directory as the HTML page that contains the Flash movie.
You may have to play around with frontpage a little to get the positioning of the movie right, but other than that its pretty simple.
Flash files do not depend on an open standard such as SVG.

Shape Morphing

Step 1: Open Flash and size the work area from Modify | Movie choosing 150 x 130 for this example. Choose any contrasting color for the background. This effect is all done with shape tweening on one layer without symbols. The shapes are drawn with Flash.

Step 2: Select frame 1, then using the rectangle tool, draw a square with purple as the fill and white as the stroke color that you will choose and delete later. (You must choose a stroke color on a new object.) Choose the arrow tool and pull in one of the corners of the square to create a triangle. Select frame one again. You can then use 'Modify | Rotate' to put the triangle on its base. Click anywhere on the workspace to deselect the triangle then use the arrow tool to pull the top point out and adjust the shape again if necessary. Reposition the triangle to the center of the workspace.

Step 3: Select and delete each white stroke color to remove it. Choose the object and hit 'Ctrl + B' to break the shape apart.

Step 4: Insert a keyframe on frame 15, hit delete to remove the triangle and draw a circle (white stroke color, yellow fill color) using the oval tool. Using the arrow tool, select the stroke and delete. Select frame 15 and break apart with 'Ctrl + B.'

Step 5: Repeat step 4 on frame 30 using the square tool and green as the fill color. Then copy and paste frame one into frame 46.

Step 6: Open the frame box from 'Window | Panels | Frame,' click on the keyframe 1 and select Tweening: shape, Blend: Angular from the 'frame' panel property box. Repeat for keyframe 15 and 30.

Test your movie. It should look like this example. Go back and adjust the colors and timeline until you get the effect you want.
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