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It is crucial that you optimize your performance with both Paid programs as well as free listings. Search engine marketing is like playing 3-D chess—it is complex and multi-dimensional. To win, the marketer must not only select the right keywords and align them with content that matches the user's query target but also choose the right search vehicle for each keyword.

The marketer must weigh the value of long-term results gained from organic search listings against the short-term returns of paid advertising. In most cases, the right answer is to have a balance of both.

It is a misconception that free listings do not generate traffic. In fact, the top 2 free listings receive more than 50% of the clicks. It is too high a number to ignore. You would be missing out on significant traffic if you completely ignore free search engines. On the other hand, paid listing to bring you focused traffic.

It again supports the fact that a balance of both kinds of listings is extremely vital for successful Search Engine Marketing.
Search Engines

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  • Traffick
  • up2speed
  • Internet Search Engine Database
  • Media Post
  • ClickZ
  • DIRECT and Catalog ARC'S Search Engine Marketing site
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  • Rank Write Roundtable
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  • High Rankings Advisor
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  • •Search Engine Optimization Tips
  • International Internet Marketing Association
  • World Association of Internet Marketers
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