What happens when security breach issue arises in a Hosting Company?


Customer Replies

#1 We did not receive any message

#2 System messaging was off

#3 It was beyond our control the company must have taken the necessary steps

#4 It is responsibility of the company to stop any security breaches

#5 Hosting companies should not allow weak passwords from the beginning.


#1 Customer must keep its files updated especially the CRM updates

#2 Take backup periodically

#3 Take necessary action promptly when any advisory from the company issued. Take the issues seriously.

#4 We frame security strategies like password encryption, firewalls, anti-malware, anti-virus, DDoS protection, but still sometimes security breaches are beyond defensive strategies

#5 Recommends users to enable 2-way-authentication. Keep your passwords secure and change them on a timely basis. In a case of any phishing or spam, an advisory issued for breached passwords, and clients are asked to modify the passwords.

#6 Client uses weak passwords on their websites

Build Your Trust with Users

Sometimes it is seen that companies do not issue security advisories in fear that it could presumably worry the users, and they get scared away by security breaches. In our opinion, companies must inform and convey the seriousness of the issue to its clients, and what the measures company is taking to overcome it, this may build trust.

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