Comment System Features

Easy installation

Register you website and get your widget code in simple 2 steps. Just paste widget code once on your site header. It's that simple.

Unlimited Comments

There is no limit on comments. Visitors can post unlimited comments.

Reporting and Analytics

Live analytics showing number of visitors on your website(on particular post) and which pages are making most visitors to post comments.

Fully customizablee

Choose the theme you like or create your own.

Intuitive admin panel

Manage everything from admin panel like customizing comment window, adding spam filter keywords, and much more.

Easily integrate with popular CMS

Comment system is easy to integrate with the popular CMS softwares. As there is no offline installation. Just Add the script code on your webpage with the help of admin panel of CMS and you are good to go.

Ban spammers and abusers

If you encounter a user behaving inappropriately, you can add abusers to a ban list, using their IP addresses.

Live Comment Streaming

When people are commenting on your website, You would like to share what people are talking about on your website. Live comment streaming will provid live feed of comments on your website.