Chatwoo: How to guide

Step 1: Website Registration

chatwoo step 1
  • Enter Your Website Domain
  • Enter Contact Email
  • Enter Contact Name

Step 2: Website Verification

chatwoo step 1
  • Place the verification file in your web site's HTML and click on the Verify button.

Step 3: Get Your Live Chat Code

  • Once verification completed, you’ll receive your Chatwoo code. Insert the code into your website’s head file and start using Chatwoo immediately.

Step 4: Tell Your Audience to Start Using Your Chawoo Chat Box

  • Private Messaging makes it easy for your users to communicate with each other through direct private messages you can monitor.
  • For sites that run forums, Private Messaging offers users a secondary means of communication, with added privacy and without having to exchange email addresses.
  • Chatwoo makes it easy for your visitors to communicate with each other through direct messaging available on your website.
  • Engage your visitors to exchange ideas and share information.